Summertime Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is one the seasons that can be really hard on your vehicle, so taking proper care of you vehicle this season is essential to you being able to drive your car or truck for years to come.



Shopping For Used Vehicles for the First Time

Shopping for a car for the first time is an exhilarating experience. A car means freedom, opportunity, and so much more. If you are shopping for used vehicles for the first time, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you set foot in a car dealership.

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How to Get Car Loans for Bad Credit

Developing bad credit is something that can happen to anyone. Stuff happens. But just because you’ve slipped up in the past, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to buy a car going forward. That’s why we at Cars R Us have detailed how you can get car loans for bad credit. Start Planning Early When attempting to obtain car loa ns for bad credit, you’ll want to start planning as early as possible. For starters, get ahold of your credit report and look it over. See how it would look to a lender and see if there are any issues you can resolve immediately. It is generally recommended that you do so a few months before buying – two or three mont... Read More

Modern Innovations in Affordable Cars

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new car to get all the high tech benefits of modern innovation. Plenty of affordable cars now boast the same perks.  Read More

5 Things You Need to Do After You Buy a Used Car

Once you’ve signed the paperwork and driven the car off the lot, it’s easy to get excited and forget that your work isn’t actually over. There are a few things still left to do before you can speed off into the sunset Read More

Car Sales Buying vs Leasing

Buying a used car can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. The excitement and novelty can be quickly buried in the financial decision-making process. Read More

How to Buy a Used Car

Times have changed; buying a used car need not be as painful as it used to be. Consumers now have much more information available at their fingertips, and knowledge is power. Read More

Top 3 Used Trucks To Buy

There are plenty of great used trucks to choose from here at Cars R Us. We offer a large selection of used trucks on our lot.  Read More

What Are Rent To Own Cars

Your credit score isn’t exactly the kind of score that gets  lenders excited. If you feel like you’re out of options, you should consider rent to own cars.  Read More

Why Buy a Used Car

You’re unsure of whether or not you should buy a used car or a new one. And that’s okay. Below, the expert staff at Cars R Us will highlight a few of the benefits that you get if you should decide to buy a used car.

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How to Know You Are Ready to Buy a Used Car

Not everyone needs a used car for the same reason. It’s good to assess your situation to know if you’re ready to buy a car. Cars R Us offers details here.

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Cars R Us Winter Car Safety Tips

Having an emergency kit in your car is always a good idea. You never know when the unexpected might happen and you’ll need to do some quick repairs, first aid, or flag down help.

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What Will Be the Best Used SUVs for Sale This Year

In 2017, we will see a lot of fantastic, new SUVs hit the market. Some of these will come at a very convenient price. The best news for you, however, is that newer and better models will now be used SUVs for sale as people rush to buy up their favorite new model.

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