Summer Car Care!!


Summer is one the seasons that can be really hard on your vehicle, so taking proper care of you vehicle this season is essential to you being able to drive your car or truck for years to come.

Oil--Summer vacations that include a lot of luggage with racking up the mileage calls for an oil change.  You need to change your oil and oil filter more often in the summer months due to the long trips, the weight with more passengers and luggage, and consistent stopping and staying when in traffic.

Tires--When was the last time you rotated your tires??  Before going anywhere this summer, make sure you are up to date on this. Every 5,000 miles is the suggested time to rotate them and have your spare tire checked as well.  Take a look at them at least once a month to make sure nothing appears to be wrong and that your pressure is good on all the tires too.

Air Conditioning--In hot weather, you do not want your air conditioning to give out on you.  The best thing you can do is to have your AC system checked before the truly hot weather hits; whether you’re running to the store or driving across country, you want that AC pushing out cool air!

Cooling System--Overheating is a STRUGGLE in the summer and this is one of the largest causes of vehicle break down during these hot months.  The cooling system needs to be flushed and refilled every 2 years… do you remember the last time you had this done?? 

We hope you have a happy and safe summer planned!  Call either Cars R Us dealership (Strafford or Rogersville, MO) today if you have any questions or to schedule a checkup with our auto techs.

Yay for warm weather!! :)